Online Film Course

This online course is over 1000 hours of film making tutorials and may be the best value for your money.  It is one of the most advanced film making courses online that is in the affordable price range.  The course covers 26 different topics in...

Finding Paypal's Preapproved Payments link 2021

Every day thousands of PayPal purchases are made.  What some companies are starting to do is activate a PayPal Subscription or pre-approved payment each time you purchase an item.  A few years ago there would be a warning that you are signing up for a...

Wild Boars in the Bee Gardens

The other day while tending to the bee yards, a family of about 10 wild boar decided to watch me from the distance.  Initially I had no idea that I was being watched because I was busy taking care of a few bee hives.  The...

Attracting Honey Bees to your Garden

Attracting Honey Bees to your Garden Here are some tips that will help you attract honey bees: Bees like flowers that are white, blue, violet, and yellow.  They also like fragrant flowers. Planting flowering vegetables and trees also help Stop using pesticides and herbicides.  The...

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